RC – Education offers intensive TEFL courses at an Introductory and Advanced level. The introductory program is open to beginners with little formal teacher training, proficiency certificate holders and university students or graduates of English, while the advanced level course is aimed at relatively experienced teachers. The programs offer participants a solid grounding in current approaches to teaching English as a foreign language, with an emphasis on practical applications in classroom settings.

The advanced program is aimed at teachers with some classroom experience who wish to enhance their teaching effectiveness, as well as those teachers who seek practical experience and new ideas for creative second language training. Participants in the advanced level course acquire a deeper understanding of both the theory and practice of teaching English as a foreign language. Building on the participants’ prior knowledge of the standard components of an introductory TEFL program, the advanced program addresses more specialized areas of the field such as educational technology, teaching through literature, the age factor in teaching, testing and evaluation and other field-related modules. In addition, the program includes a guided classroom teaching practicum complementing instruction with substantive hands-on experience in real classroom settings.

Guided by an expert team of highly qualified TEFL instructors more junior teachers are taught to develop lesson plans, manage a classroom, design teaching materials for particular age groups, and teach grammar, listening/speaking, reading/writing and vocabulary.


Participants will be trained to:

  • Develop lesson plans
  • Manage a classroom
  • Design teaching materials for a particular age group
  • Teach grammar
  • Teach listening/speaking
  • Teach reading/writing
  • Teach vocabulary
  • Use media applications for teaching
  • Incorporate creative teaching methods

The Introductory Certificate Program runs for a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 30 hours, plus practicum, the hours of which will be decided in consultation with the participants’ needs. The Program's meeting times are morning hours, over two weeks.

These programmes are designed for: Educational leaders (directors of studies, heads of department, heads of school, heads of quality), quality assurance inspectors, teacher trainers and experienced senior teachers who want to become expert teachers of the English language.


Course outcomes

You will have:

  • Increased understanding of what works in schools to improve student and teacher learning
  • Increased ability to help teachers apply principles of expert teaching to the classroom
  • Gained a greater ability to address the needs of individual learners, including those with learning difficulties, disabilities and the gifted and talent
  • Increased opportunities for professional and career development





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