Our Business English Course is aimed at helping you reach your professional goals by developing your English skills. Our topic-based course enables you to improve in reading, writing, listening and speaking, with an emphasis on effective communication and use of English within an international business context.

An example of topics covered on the course include e-marketing, building relationships, managing people, managing risk, and dealing with change and challenge in the workplace. We cover key concepts in today’s business world and work with up-to-date authentic materials. The course also works towards the Cambridge English Business Certificate (BEC) if you choose to take this internationally recognised exam.


Why choose this course?

  • Learn with like-minded professionals.
  • Be exposed to language used in international business.
  • Debate and discuss up-to-date business issues.
  • Improve language and communication skills to further access the business world.
  • Learn from English language experts.



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