Our Approach

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We believe students learn most effectively when they are engaged, motivated and challenged. We recognise that each student learns and develops at different rates so our courses respect each student’s developmental stage. Our teachers use a range of age-appropriate techniques and resources to ensure the most effective language learning experience. We teach in small groups of only 1-3 students.

We expect our students to take an active role in their own learning and reflect on their progress. Our approach covers all aspects of communication with an emphasis on developing confidence in speaking to equip students with the English they will need for future academic study, employment and social situations.

Children at this age benefit from established class routines and are capable of longer periods of concentration in a classroom setting. Learners are still developing concepts, literacy and numeracy in their first language and our carefully selected English course content supports this.

Our School

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Our Teachers

Rania Chaidi
Rania ChaidiPrinciple
Jamie Thomson
Jamie ThomsonTeacher
Hazel ?
Hazel ?Teacher
Geneveive ?
Geneveive ?Teacher

All of our passionate and dedicated teachers meet the highest international standards with formal qualifications and extensive experience in teaching English to children.

Our minimum requirements for teachers are:

  • Education to post graduate degree level 
  • At least three years teaching experience

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